Nearly half of our clients are people moving in/out of Maine. We are here to be your trusted eyes on the ground to make your relocation as easy & enjoyable as possible!

How We Make It Easy

In 2021 we assisted 94 clients and 33 of them were relocating to/from Maine. Every situation is different and we will tailor the process to fit your specific needs.

We will connect you with the BEST local home inspectors, lenders, and title companies you can trust. You'll always receive our honest opinions on condition, location, layout, price and more. We are pros at FaceTime & other forms of video tours for showings & home inspections. We will help assess & alleviate your risk of buying/selling while not being local.

Constant communication is so important and you'll never feel left "in the dark" while working with us. Signing documents can all be done virtually over the computer via e-signature.

Utilize our trusted list of reputable, local vendors who will come in handy if there are improvements you'd like done to the property. We are here before AND after the sale. You'll always have a friend close by 😊 

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Relocating to Greater Portland, Maine? You'll definitely be interested in our FREE Community Guide. Have full access to:

  • Recommended Contractors
  • Local Hot Spots
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  • Recommended Doctors
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  • & More!

We Are Community Experts

Maine is our home and always will be! We know ALL the neighborhoods and can match you with the best location for your needs. We are working on video tours for all the local neighborhoods to help our clients navigate the different communities. Check out our most recent Community Spotlight of Portland's East End.

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Bailey Pate

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Paula Pate

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Sydney Pate

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Have a referral for southern Maine? We cover from the Augusta area & down, and we love connecting with agents from all over the world who know of buyers and sellers relocating to Maine. If you're interested in a referral partnership contact Bailey today: [email protected] We will take the BEST care of your referrals!

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Are you a real estate agent seeking a referral partnership?



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